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1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

Here's a kit a long time in coming. I scored this JoHan reissue from a seller on ebay back in January, 2002. I had also scored another already built kit from another source also on ebay. The original plan was to build the kit then use the built one to source another project. With some encouragement from Wally Karnish, I finally managed to get it done!

Side shot. The thing about this kit was the rather fussy assembly process. I hadn't built a JoHan kit since I was like,12 years old, so I didn't remember how tough they could be. I also didn't remember how nice these kits turned out when one was careful in the building process. By the way, the paint is Turbine Bronze from Rainbow Products, a link to which you can find on the (appropriately enough named) Links page.

Here's the heart of the Bronze Blowtorch, the Chrysler Turbine engine. It was basically built box stock, except for dechroming the regenerator covers, painting them with Testor's Metallizer aluminum, and adding some linkage from Detail Master.

Head-on shot. Not much done differently here, aside from detailing the grille and headlight coves with black paint, and using some Testor's clear amber for the turn signals. Oh yeah, I foiled the Turbine scripts on the hood and rear fenders before painting, and gently wiped them dowm with lacquer thinner to expose them. A trick I saw somewhere, but don't remember where.

3/4 above view. The thing I really like about shooting lacquer in general, and Rainbow Products in particular, is the incredible gloss attainable.

Trunk. I used Ken's Fuzzy Fur for both the trunk and the interior. By the way, I apologize for the lack of interior shots, but I forgot to take the photos before I finished assembling the car, and I was unable to get a good angle on it to take the shots.

Overall, I'd say this one turned out well. I did learn a few tricks, and made some mistakes, but isn't that what it's all about?

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