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Speed Racer's Mach 5

Here is something that I SHOULD have done months ago. Crystal (my fiancÚ') and I were at a Wally World some time ago, and saw this snap kit on the shelf. Crystal asked if I wanted it, and I really wasn't interested , but she bought it and with a little help from me, built it. I must say I was impressed that she'd take an interest in the hobby!

So, after some time i figured that it might not be a bad idea to feature this one on the site.

The kit is built as the submersible car. Like i said I helped (only a little) but that was only regarding paint. Crystal did the rest.

Rear shot.You know, I always DID like the look of the car.

Top view. Think the pontoon fenders were inspired by Ferrari? I do.

As I stated earlier, this is some thing I should have done months ago. But better late than never, I guess.

Note to Crystal: You always amaze me!

Love, Robb!