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Sterling Marlin #40 KISS / Coors Light Intrepid NASCAR stocker
Some time ago, I was looking for decals for a car I saw run at Homestead, FLA back in I think 2001.
It was one of those special paint schemes that the teams run more and more often these days ands this one happens to involve one of my favorite rock n roll bands, KISS! I scored these ones on ebay back in 2002, and finally got around to using them.
On this page, I'll just post the pics, the buildup was the same as the Elliott #9 Intrepid that appears elsewhere on the site.
The decals were of excellent quality overall, except for the black areas which were a little on the brown side.
By the way, the silver paint I used was Plasti-Cote intended for a Honda Accord.
Overall, I'm reasonably happy with the way it turned out. However, I am still displeased with Revell's decision to base this kit on a diecast.It made the kit easier to build, but that is NOT a selling point for me.
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