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2001 Mark Martin Viagra Taurus

Here's some pics of the finished car.

Well, after 3 Months, and numerous starts and stops, I've finally finished the darn thing!


Some comments, here. Overall, I feel that the decals by Wetworks, (purchased from BSR Replicas) are excellent. They required some Micro Sol to get them to snuggle down, but that's no biggie. The headlight decals were not the improvement over the kit stuff that I expected. Also, they are a bit thin, which is good for application, but bad since the white numbers show a little of the blue through them. Also, the pics do not accurately depict the color of the car. The reason for this comes from the fact that I did not know that tungsten based lighting gives a yellow cast to colors on daylight corrected film. This will be rectified at a later date.

In this shot, you can see what I mean by the headlights. I added a bit of flourescent red-orange to the front valence since this is being done on the 1:1 car.

I used Detail Master spark plug wires and a Parts By Parks turned aluminum coil. This shot was taken before the addition of the front shocks and rad hoses.

I also used a Detail Master window net kit.

Paint: Plasticote 1999 Ford Pewter silver, and GM Lt Gray, various Testors Model Master colors. (Aluminum, steel, flat black, etc)

Base Kit: R/M 2000 Valvoline Taurus kit.

Aftermarket Stuff: Parts By Parks coil, Detail Master Ignition wire and window net kit, Shabo tire markings.